Friday, January 11, 2013


Unscripted emotions were portrayed
tears fall like rain now
my mind feels lost, and my heart does too
confusion tapping at the brain
questions unanswered
feelings left worn
was it even love at all?

I remember it was quite a bad day.

I cried for hours and hours.

this is overwhelming.

 I really don't know what to do besides trying to be self-reliant.


Things were a little messy and confused the past few months.

 Even though I am sure to be righteous, I'm really sick of the dreadful row I had to go through everyday and hence, I decided to give way. Thanks to the few of you who actually shown your concern and took the effort of cheering me up although you guys were clueless about what had happened. Things are better left unsaid at times so I hope you understand. Anyhow, you guys did a great job at making me smile and I sincerely appreciate what you all have done. Thank you! :D

I feel a whole lot better now. Ironic as it is, I'm pretty happy with my life now although I'm not used to the changes yet. Well, it's just few weeks away from going home. I shouldn't be bothered too much.

then again, what if the worse happens?

what should I do then?

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